“Hmm…what do you do at PANALITIX?” Countless times have we answered this question, and the words “wow,” “amazing” and “that’s awesome” have come up a lot over the years. Let us answer all questions, give you more info, dismiss any doubts and amaze you!



PANALITIX is a global membership community that contains everything Accountants need to build great businesses - for themselves and their clients.

We believe Accountants are the support, the sounding board, the mentor and THE TRUSTED ADVISOR for small-to-medium-sized businesses. If we can help Accountants build great businesses, they in turn will help SMB’s build great businesses.

SMB’s are the backbone of an economy. Yet they are the least supported and go through all the pain and suffering of being a small-to-medium-sized business.

We believe we can change economies through Accountants by helping Accountants build great businesses and becoming the TRUSTED ADVISOR for SMB’s for all parts of their business and life.

PANALITIX is where Accounting firms train and develop teams, acquire and deliver technology and content, secure accountability through coaching, and share knowledge via peer-to-peer interactions to drive increased profitability, enhanced capacity and sustainable revenue growth.

Likewise, PANALITIX is the name of our proprietary cloud-based business advisory and client-monitoring software. Accountants use this application to analyze and monitor clients’ real-time financial data all on one dashboard. The ultimate aim of this software is to help Accountants be truly proactive real-time trusted advisors.

2How do we do what we do?

PANALITIX provides an end-to-end membership program that includes:

Community Support – A global online community created for members to interact and connect with Accounting industry peers, professionals, influencers and thought leaders.

Recognition, Branding and Listing – Acknowledgement and promotion of members by listing them on the exclusive membership directory.

Webinars – Periodic educational webinars where Accountants can learn tools, content, and how-to methodologies to dramatically improve their Accounting business.

Software Applications – ELEVATE (marketing), TRUST (sales), PANALITIX (business intelligence), PSS (performance monitoring) and LearningHUB (eLearning).

LearningHUB - The world’s best and largest cloud-based eLearning platform designed and built by Accountants for Accountants. LearningHUB is a suite of online business improvement courseware for non-technical skills such as marketing, sales, the delivery of business advisory services and so much more.

Implementation Program –  Member groups created to provide tailored momentum meetings, workshops, performance reviews & continuous support. These are conducted by world-class member success managers & industry experts.

Coachingclub – An accountability, learning and sharing program designed to  provide face-to-face training given by industry influencers and thought leaders.

3What are the benefits of my PANALITIX membership?

PANALITIX premium membership is centered around the implementation of firm development and value-added business advisory services for your clients. It's the answer to your 'how to', and 'what next' questions and includes:

Training & Development – Advance your business & life by training via events, conferences and LearningHUB online business improvement courseware.

Technology & Content – Easily manage the mountains of data coming in from your clients, distribute great content and methodology with your own branding, and have the right tools to help you implement excellent processes.

Firm Improvement – How-to content for key business aspects like workflow, sales, marketing, serving, pricing, and business advisory means you get increased profits, enhanced capacity and sustainable revenue growth.

Real-time Business Advisory – We show you exactly how to leverage and implement advisory services. Our client engagement software also allows you be proactive with clients, effectively helping you identify and rectify potential issues before they happen.

Accountability & Coaching – Have world-class client success managers & industry experts personally coach you via workshops, momentum meetings & performance reviews.

Knowledge Share – Connect with like-minded Accounting professionals, peers & entrepreneurs. Be part of a cohesive community where resources and thought-leaders converge.

Get a more in-depth look at our Membership Levels.

4What are the benefits of using the PANALITIX software?

PANALITIX will help you:

1. SAVE TIME. Accountants use PANALITIX to run an Annual Business Performance Review with their clients. This is created instantly once PANALITIX is connected to your client’s accounting file.

2. ELIMINATE DOUBLE HANDLING. Each month, a report can be generated to your clients, taking the core data out of cloud accounting software and adjusting that to create a unique dashboard for clients. The data could be entered manually, but the integration eliminates the need for that.

3. GAIN ACCESS TO REAL-TIME DATA ON YOUR CLIENTS. Accountants can view the up-to-date position on clients’ KPIs on one dashboard anytime they like as a result of the daily automatic synchronization with their cloud accounting software.

Other benefits include:

Improve client services - Keep an eye on clients with real-time monitoring - Spot opportunities for new services - Train your team in business advisory - Move clients to the cloud - Get more business advisory work with top clients - Retain and lock clients in - Converse about the future rather than the past - Develop the firm in workflow, people, cashflow, marketing, sales & business advisory services - Offer online training courses for your team and your clients - View and monitor performance of every client on one simple page!

5How do you integrate with accounting software providers, Eg. Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks ?
The sync process is simple. During the client setup process, the accountant is prompted to connect the file to their client’s cloud accounting solution. Simply select your accounting software provider from the list, enter your login credentials and select the client. The client’s chart of accounts will then be presented in PANALITIX with recommended mapping for each account (feedback tells us the mapping is accurate 90%+ of the time.) The accountant can quickly adjust the mapping during a cursory review if required. Once happy, the accountant confirms and the integration is complete. Immediately, up to three years’ past data is then synced to PANALITIX to provide the starting point, a Business Performance Review.
6What results can I expect to achieve?

The number one reason why firms don’t see the results they hoped for or any results at all is due to failure to implement. If you are prepared to follow our guidance, use our resources and IMPLEMENT - Accountants WILL see results and improvements across their business.

With proper implementation, members expect to:

Increase PROFIT by 75.5%, enhance CAPACITY by 30.6% and achieve SUSTAINABLE REVENUE GROWTH of 52.1% in 12 months.

Plus a 20% increase in number of client projects, 10% increase in price per project and 5% increase in total number of clients in 12 months.

These figures are based on surveyed firms (ranging from $100K to $8.7M) after 12 months of strategy implementation.
7How did PANALITIX start?

We guess you’re a fantastic accountant, but you might need some help with offering more to your clients beyond compliance. Or you want to get more clients and train and inspire your team. You know you need to do something but you don’t have the time, processes or resources to make it happen.

Over the last 10 years, co-founders Rob Nixon and Colin Dunn, have helped thousands of accountants worldwide improve their firm’s position across profit, capacity, and growth. Built on a foundation of coaching, content and technology, PANALITIX is the ultimate membership community for accountants with access to a library of the best content, resources, courses, client monitoring, marketing & sales automation and training for both your team and clients. With PANALITIX, you can improve your firm, train your team and get more clients, anywhere, anytime.
8What support do I have?
We have a team of dedicated Member Success Managers to help our members get up and running and provide ongoing proactive and reactive support. We also run monthly implementation webinars for our members and provide online eLearning and accountability sessions via LearningHUB. Whilst PANALITIX content & software show you HOW to implement, our team are here to set your action plans, offer accountability and ensure you are hitting targets along your journey.
9How long do I need to be a PANALITIX member for?
We find firms typically develop their businesses over a two-year period. You commit to firm development for a minimum of 12 months and can re-assess your situation and needs with your Member Success Manager after that time.
10How much does it cost?
All our plans include unlimited users and access to tools that make managing your business stress-free. Choose the plan that works for your firm. Our pricing is varied so you can get and pay for exactly what you need, depending on where your firm is and wants to go. You can pay as you grow, your subscription can be scaled up or down at any time. No contracts.
11Can I get a Free Trial?
There is no free trial. Our product is best introduced via an online meeting so that Accountants can understand how the technology integrates with our vast online training content, LearningHUB. You can request such a meeting here
12Where are the offices of PANALITIX
13Is there somewhere I can find results from others who have been members of PANALITIX?
14Can I share any of your information, content and tools with my clients?
For now, you can't access to our tools and resources, however many of the courses and tools are designed to help you help your clients through customer service, business advisory and growth.
15I'm a bookkeeper, is PANALITIX still relevant for me?
Although our prime target audience are Accountants, we have many members who are bookkeepers and are getting fantastic results utilising our tools for profit, capacity and growth and adding value to their current services.
16Once I become a member, what's next?
You will meet your designated Success Manager who will guide you through a customised journey for your level of membership.
17How much one on one time do I get with my Success Manager and Implemenation Manager vs. Group time?
As a Magnify Member - Your Success Manager is your direct point of contact for any initial questions or concerns. They will call you on a regular basis for momentum and training. Your Implementation Manager will speak with you one to one every 6 weeks and meet you online with your group every other 6 weeks. For Amplify you will have unlimited access to a Success Manager and for Elevate, you'll have unlimited support to a Success Assistant.
18Is there anywhere I can interact online with other members of PANALITIX?
Yes, as a member you will be welcomed to join our Members Only Facebook Outlaws Page where you can interact with all members of PANALITIX worldwide to ask and answer questions and share good news stories.
19Who are Rob Nixon and Colin Dunn?
Over the last 10 years, co-founders Colin Dunn and Rob Nixon, have helped thousands of accountants improve their firm’s position across profit, capacity, and growth. Built on a foundation of coaching, content and technology. You can find more about them via their LinkedIn profile and Blogs
20How will I know I'm getting a return on investment?
The Success Team will work with you closely to ensure you're achieving your goals through accountability, but more specifically as a Magnify Member your Implementation Manager will strategise with you to set targets for main KPIs and projects to help you achieve goals. If you follow our journey, you will see a return on investment and the value right away. But if you have any concerns, your Success Manager is always here to help you get back on track.
21I'm a sole practitioner, is your membership relevant for me?
Yes, we have many sole practitioners getting great success as Members. Whether you're starting out as a one man band, or one with a small team, our courses, content and software can help you grow into the perfect firm.

The opportunities are there, you just have to take them.