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NEW features

Empower your Accounting firm with the ultimate marketing engine that helps you build highly customisable and automated content marketing that generates ROI

Branding Portal
Gain the ability to customise the interface of Engager to suit your brand. Here is where you can also customise branding of public-facing materials like logos, emails and the like.

Contact Portal
Have all your client data at the touch of your fingertips. Connect to Cloud Accounting Systems. Do performance reviews, growth equations, KPI monitoring and, more importantly, get access to their meetings

Firm Portal
Manage all of your firm’s business details, application accesses, users and user-specific roles all in one place

Get complete access to the entire suite of PANALITIX apps like business advisory software and the world’s best eLearning platform for Accountants through one highly secure portal

Meeting ( Available Soon )
Enable you and your team to create and conduct tailor-made meetings that are made streamlined, convenient and easy for your clients to follow through a proven 12-step process

Engager: MarketingHUB
The Accountant's Ultimate Marketing Engine

MarketingHUB empowers Accounting firms with a communication solution that provides value-driven content, customisable templates and automated marketing. Create emails, social media campaigns, websites and blogs that generate ROI, tonnes more new clients and nurture existing clients.

MarketingHUB Powerful Innovation

Next-level Content Marketing

Improved Interface Quality & Design

Customise Interface & Branding

Better User Experience

Unified Application & Firm Management

Preview & Schedule Emails

Email Performance Insights

Editable Content

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