The Accountant’s Guide to Increased Profits,
Enhanced Capacity and Sustainable Growth



Your Three Focal Points on Your Journey to
Becoming The Definitive ‘Firm of NOW’
& What You Stand to Achieve

Firms range in size from $100,000 - $8.7m Learn how you can have the same or better numbers by attending the web event:

About the Web Event

Rob Nixon, CEO & co-founder of PANALITIX, is spearheading an awesome 3-part web event series that will compel you to take a good hard look at your firm and the definitive strides you and your team must take to become a ‘Firm of NOW.’

These are supplementary web events to the awe-inspiring PANALITIX Firm of NOW Roadshow that has helped 1000’s of accountants from 100’s of Accounting firms the world over, and more recently on the USA tour.

What Accountants have said...

"I like the change in accounting world. The concept is explained really well and understandable and feel the zeal to implement this. It has provided the reflection of what we are doing and what we should be doing. The why avatar we need to be/we should be. The overview was clearly explained of what we are lacking and how we can improve them"

BablinBablin Kaur, Strong and Co Limited

"I like the Profit, growth and capacity strategies. Reflection of the why. Has given us ideas to take back to the office for ways to improve the firm. Its not often as an accountant that you feel like you are making a difference to the world we live in"

Justin-VJustine Varich, CBC Proactive Accounting & Business Solutions

"Great content knowing where the industry is headed. Catching up with Colin action was also awesome. For the free time, I have brought my whole team and I think that they win get a view of where I want the firm to go to about what we have to do to get there. Exciting days ahead"

craigCraig Budgen, Exceedia

"Totally inspirational. Easy to understand. Dynamic presenter. It has filled me with enthusiasm to back up the director and make sure the company moves forward - being here as part of the team means we will all be on the same page. Implementing the changes"

shand-accountingLena  Leathley, Shand Accounting LLC

Web Event Details

Rob will be taking you through the essential actions your firm needs to do to generate more profit. You will learn how to:
  • Establish your firm’s menu of services and the proper pricing structure that goes along with it.
  • Implement Value Pricing and how to create a system that will increase your firm’s revenue by greater than 30%.
  • Improve your firm’s productivity that will result in a healthy 80% increase for accountants and a decrease in workload for partners by 30%.
  • Create and put an education process in place to get your team more profitable, faster.

Rob will show you how to increase your firm’s work capacity with the ability to gain greater than 30% of new work each month. You will learn how to:
  • Build an efficient and fully operational workflow structure using an 18-step workflow process, creating space to gain 30% more work each month.
  • Improve team efficiency that can result in completion of all projects with less than 80% of allocated hours’ budget.
  • Integrate of all of your technology systems to the cloud to drive efficiency and thus increasing your firm’s capacity.

Rob will teach you how to grow your firm’s revenue by greater than 20% per year organically. You will also learn how to:
  • Identify your niche market and how to concentrate on those target sectors to own that niche.
  • Introduce a powerful lead generation program with a consistent marketing process that gets ROI as well as an effective retention system with a documented “Client Success” process.
  • Begin to master the best sales techniques through a documented systematic process that will work for your firm.
  • Establish a dominant online presence to take your firm everywhere on the web.


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