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What is TRUST?

‘TRUST’ is a business improvement solution that provides a systemized approach for accountants to secure new work from existing clients and expand the scope of work undertaken with new ones.Firms currently using this application are achieving an average increase in fee of $8,000 for every client who goes through the TRUST process.

The TRUST 3-Step Process

The TRUST system is a web-based application that you can white label in your website.
Your clients or prospects can fill in to determine their financial goals and requirements. This is how trust works.

What do you get with TRUST?

See how TRUST has changed the way
Accounting firms do business:

Thousands have become TRUSTed Accounting firms worldwide

“Good success story we had was where we completed TRUST with a small client of the business worth about $2,500 per year. We completed a TRUST assessment and from this we achieved the following:

· Planning Day with Client - $5,000
· Systems Review and Implementation - $2,500
· Business Restructure - $1,200
· Ongoing Business Advisory work including quarterly meetings - $9,600 per annum
· All of this occurred in 12 months – which represents an increase in fees generated for the business of 732%

Another good bit of feedback occurred yesterday with a client who has now been with us 12 months. The client runs a small baking/cake making business and we had a TRUST assessment completed last year when they came on board as a client. We presented the results but the client wasn’t wanting to face the realities of what came up in the assessment, which can happen from time to time. We then met with her again yesterday and she mentioned that she reviewed the TRUST assessment again over Christmas and realised what we were trying to assist her with and is now ready to move forward with some projects which we’ll begin to formalise over the next week or two. Don’t know the upside as yet but suggest we’ll get 3 or 4t times additional revenue compared to the last 12 months.”

Troy Townley, Partner
HTA Advisory

“I have TRUST on my website. A prospect found it, completed the assessment and I got a notification that he had a new prospect. I ran the report, called the client and set up a meeting. The client said he was the most proactive accountant he had ever met and signed up on the spot for compliance and monthly monitoring, which I will deliver using PANALITIX.”

Rick Glacken
Birch Glacken Accountants