Panalitix Partner Troy Townley of HTA Advisory


HTA Advisory joined PANALITIX in 2012. They have grown from a partnership, to a team of 16 with anticipated revenue of $2.4 million for the 2015/16 financial year.

“PANALITIX assisted us in opening new conversations with clients and having higher level discussions quicker than we would have traditionally – particularly new clients.”

Troy Townley, Co-Founder


The now-retired CoachingClub was Jaques Stanmore’s initial experience with PANALITIX. Providing the Partners with the accountability required to execute their vision, the organisation tackled the $2 million mark, have experienced enormous growth, and spun-off two other boutique businesses.

“If you’re serious about your business, you need to be equipped and PANALITIX is very much a part of that solution for us.”

Craig Stanmore, CEO


Woods Squared signed up with PANALITIX five months ago and have already increased their growth by 30% (£110,000). They have achieved their goal through learning how to and delivering business advisory services.

“The market is moving more and more to the cloud and we’re harnessing this opportunity. Our clients loved PANALITIX. They were genuinely interested that we were providing something different.”

Alan Woods, Co-Founder


Dominic got the confidence to “jump in boots and all” after attending THEPAC 2016 (PANALITIX Annual Conference). He realised that if his firm was to survive the digital onslaught, he had to create a firm that mattered to his clients.

“Don't be scared of the digital revolution - grasp it with both hands - and ride the wave.”

Dominic Papaluca, Principal